Quinte Immigration Services will assist newcomers isolated by cultural and language barriers in the Quinte region through the process of orientation and settlement while encouraging public respect for the diversity of immigrants, the promotion and recognition of the value of racial and cultural differences and the facilitation of integration and participation of newcomers into the social, economic and cultural aspects of the community.


Quinte Immigration Services is a non profit charitable organization and has been assisting newcomers in the Quinte Region since 1986. It is funded by the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario,  the United Way of Quinte and through charitable donations.
We offer a large variety of services to newcomers who have arrived in Canada.

Quinte Immigration Services hosts various monthly information sessions geared towards helping newcomers to the greater Quinte area integrate smoothly. These events are free of charge and provide helpful advice on a broad array of topics in the social, financial, and healthcare fields. Events range from how to acquire childcare subsidies to how to apply for a mortgage as a newcomer to Canada.
Through our Social enterprises we offer legal immigration services and translation and interpretation in many languages.