Quis Immigration – A Record for the Ages

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Quis-Immigration was the website of Quinte Immigration that first started, appeared on the web, in 2003. Its mission was to provide immigration services to newcomers, immigrants, to the Quinte area of Ontario.  This area is near the head of the St. Lawrence River with the biggest town Belleville. While not exactly an area known for drawing immigrants, its hospitality is on display with the website.

Up to 2019, this website served. After then, Canada started a policy of bringing websites related to Canada under its top level domains. Quis-immigration.org became Quinteimmigration.ca. We thought the old website was worth preserving for its historical content, a record of almost 20 years of welcoming immigrants to this region of Canada. Our beliefs turned into action bring you this record.

We hope to add more content that would be of use. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.

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